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Take smarter decisions faster with the #1 ERP

NetSuite is designed to streamline mission critical processes. In turn, this allows companies to continue to focus on what they do best and react to new market opportunities quickly and safely.

  • One system for your entire company
  • Get clear visibility and control of your business
  • Eliminate IT maintenance and upgrade costs
  • Better and faster decisions

Fast implementation

Secure remote work

Easy to use

Scalable and customizable

Increase productivity

In control of every aspect of your business

From finance to supply chain management, billing and more, NetSuite ERP offers companies clear visibility and control of their businesses.

The #1 financial management solution in the cloud

Combine robust financial management with built-in business intelligence to drive faster, smarter decision making.

Used by thousands of organizations around the world, NetSuite’s financial management solution streamlines daily financial transactions, accelerates financial close-out, and ensures compliance. Our single cloud-based platform architecture ensures complete real-time visibility into business financial performance from a consolidated level down to individual transactions.

NetSuite financial management seamlessly integrates with all of NetSuite’s order management, inventory, CRM, and e-commerce functions to streamline critical business processes.

Integrated planning: Forecasting costs and budgets

Shorten cycle times, engage business users, and enrich your planning process with an intuitive planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution.

Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting enables rapid adoption of world-class budgeting and financial planning across all lines of business with flexible and customizable deployment options. Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting facilitates company-wide and departmental financial planning with modeling capabilities, approval workflows, and reporting within a collaborative scalable solution. Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting uses a powerful calculation engine that can accommodate a wide range of business logic with rapid in-memory aggregation and instant financial planning reporting and analysis.

Automate your cash order processes

Accelerate your sales by integrating the entire process from the sales order, prices, finances, collections, returns and performance indicators.

NetSuite’s order management capabilities help streamline your order processing by eliminating manual bottlenecks, avoiding errors, and establishing a smooth flow from opportunity, quote, sales order to order fulfillment, ensuring invoicing and timely payment. NetSuite’s billing and order management capabilities integrate your sales, finance and compliance teams, improving quote accuracy, eliminating billing errors, strengthening revenue recognition processes, and driving compliance accuracy and efficiency.

Manufacturing management in the cloud

Get your products to market quickly and efficiently by taking advantage of real-time visibility into production management processes.

NetSuite’s production management capabilities enable organizations to run their manufacturing operations efficiently. From sales orders to work order processing, routing and scheduling, order fulfillment and product costs, NetSuite’s manufacturing solution provides real-time visibility into every step of the production process to help you make better-informed decisions. Get your products to market quickly and cost-effectively anywhere in the world with an end-to-end manufacturing software solution designed to run your entire business.

Manage and optimize your supply chain

Define, execute, and support supply / distribution chain management plans from a single collaborative platform

Virtually all companies managing a modern supply chain will do so across multiple continents and time zones, but how do they do it with just one app? NetSuite’s manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain management capabilities are based on the premise that the physical location where a product is manufactured or stored must be irrelevant to your decision-making process; It may increase your delivery time, but we allow you to manage everything with ease.

Streamline your warehousing and delivery operations

Manage end-to-end inventory and inbound / outbound logistics in real time while minimizing total cost of ownership.

Smart companies understand that controlling inventory, fulfillment, and shipping costs is essential to success. Companies are constantly striving to improve their warehouse operations by increasing agility, visibility and work efficiency. This requires the use of best practices combined with a sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) that optimally manages all resources within distribution operations and minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO).

Optimize your acquisition process

Improve the accuracy of your purchase-to-pay processes and optimize cost certainty.

Shopping can be a long and inefficient experience, especially when requests for goods and services have to be processed manually through a combination of phone calls, emails, paper catalogs, and faxes. NetSuite’s Procurement Solution helps companies purchase goods and services at the best cost and in a timely manner by saving valuable employee time with easy-to-use capabilities, reducing costs by channeling purchases to approved vendors and pre-negotiated contracts, and improving visibility by representing real-time information on company spending and supplier performance.

NetSuite ERP can be used in any sector

Some examples of the uses of NetSuite in different productive sectors

Recognized as a leader

IDC MarketScape names Oracle NetSuite world leader in SaaS and cloud-enabled finance and accounting applications.

Find out what Oracle NetSuite can do for your business

Find out what Oracle NetSuite can do to improve efficiency in your business. We offer free advice.

The crisis forces companies to work remotely and reduce costs

The coronavirus has forced most companies to make sudden drastic changes.

  • Your business needs to continue to operate effectively while people work from home.
  • At the same time, costs must be reduced quickly and intelligently to meet a sudden drop in demand.
  • You need immediate control over cash flow and accounts receivable.

With an excellent ERP system like NetSuite®, you can fully and remotely control your operations while your employees work safely and productively from home.

However, most ERP systems can have high costs. NetSuite®, the # 1 ERP in the cloud, has much more affordable costs than traditional on-premises solutions such as SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics.

NetSuite® #1 Cloud ERP offers you better results at a much more affordable cost

NetSuite vs Other ERPs-

The price of NetSuite® depends on your specific industry requirements, the business function modules required, and the level of customization and integration with other systems.

The price (also called the Total Cost of Ownership) is calculated based on the following elements:

  • NetSuite® basic license fee
  • NetSuite® license fee for specific modules
  • NetSuite® license fee per user
  • Implementation costs
  • Level of customization, integration with other systems, data migration
  • Level of support required

You can change your existing ERP safely in 60 days

IMR Express is NetSuite’s deployment model, which based on preconfigured models and best practices, eases the setup process and lowers upfront costs.

We have several cases where the implementation was successful in a record time of 60 or 90 days.

“With the services provided by IMR and NetSuite®, we were able to quickly exit SAP B1, which was not being flexible or friendly for our business, and switched to a better solution, in record time and with better results for the company. NetSuite has helped us expand globally in an accelerated way.”

BITSO, Cryptocoin enterprise leader

We are here to help you with Oracle NetSuite

Achieve successful results through the implementation, training, adoption, and optimization of your Oracle NetSuite solution. Together we will define the successful customer journey and establish mutual goals, desired results and expectations.

Working with a NetSuite partner ensures that your subscription is well configured especially for your needs. Partners clearly differentiate themselves in custom implementation, development, training, and support.

We have specific solutions for Mexico, for the fiscal and regulatory part, that other solution providers do not have.

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“With IMR and NetSuite® services, we were able to quickly exit SAP B1, which was not being flexible or friendly for our business, and switch to a better solution, in record time and with better results for the company”

BITSO, a leading cryptocurrency company

“IMR has helped me solve how I can implement things from the company to the system in an excellent way”

Juan Ibarra, CEO of Zenth

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