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Is NetSuite for Small and Medium Businesses?
October 31, 2020

Cloud ERP or ERP on site?

Business applications such as ERP began to be popular in large companies, corporations, and companies with complex processes, mainly manufacturing, where the number of items and transactions made it necessary to have a robust system that met business requirements.

It was in the mid-90s that the use of an ERP for commercial companies began to become popular, with the same limitation and cost restriction. The need existed, but it was available only to those companies with large budgets that made investment possible.

Even though software companies focused their efforts on making solutions cheaper, the need for physical infrastructure, servers, databases and other elements necessary to have an ERP in the company, even if the application was cheaper, it was simply unaffordable and not very accessible for companies, especially small and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

The arrival of the cloud has changed the landscape to the benefit of most companies. With the advent of the cloud, it was initially limited to consumers. Purchases through portals became more popular, but little by little applications in the cloud are also for companies.

Faced with the alternative of having a cloud solution, an ERP solution such as NetSuite, some clients still evaluate the convenience of having the NetSuite ERP, which is 100% in the cloud and an application on site. Here are some differences:

At the end of the day, cloud versions of ERP such as NetSuite offer much more business value, with a normally lower cost, but in each case, it is worth evaluating the requirement that the company has, to align the solution of business in accordance with those requirements.

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